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Goes The Distance

I always stand for something to bring any matter to the end. The essence of the marathon lies precisely in this: if you come out at the start, you need to run to the finish. However, the marathon - is a kind of gambling. This is a long competition, which is based on the potential risk. Obviously, this circumstance is precisely the motivation for many. However, we must understand that between the difficulty and the danger there is a serious difference. When you experience the natural fatigue and overcome it, it is commendable. But when you continue to run despite the signals, which takes you to the body source, and then the ill or injured, it is impossible to justify.

I never went out of the race, is performed at the stadium, and did so only twice in the marathon. Both times I had no choice. In one of the marathons in New York, I spoke with an injury and could endure the pain, but decided not to take risks in order to avoid complications. The second time, in Boston, on the 37th kilometer of my body was no longer obey me (25-kilometer was a warning: legs were literally fill the lead). This does not mean that we should give up in front of the slightest difficulty. I just recommend a balanced approach to the problems. It is necessary to understand the risks and take timely decision for the sake of their own safety. Everyone has their own pain threshold, so when there is a doubt that you are not all right, sensibly assess the situation. Do not risk the health or hurt myself. If you are concerned about something before the start, consult your health care providers weblink. In major competitions, they usually always there.

If you did not participate in the competition due to injury, disease or illness, do not despair. Give yourself some time to recover, and continue to train. After a few weeks there will be another run, just resumed training visit site. And be sure to include some long runs. At this point, I advise you to make sense of their experience. To begin, analyze the part of organizational practice, try to identify the error. Then evaluate your actions during the run. Try to remember all the factors that have a negative impact on you,.. Dehydration, inappropriate pace, etc. Look in the training diary and carefully analyze the positive and negative aspects of training to understand what mistakes were made and that further improvements in the preparation see here.

Sometimes it is difficult to find an explanation for what happened to you. Maybe just a bad day was for you. If you could not identify the reason, take extra care when the next time will run the marathon.

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