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Increase Passive Muscle Tone

When the lymphatic system is not able to quickly withdraw products from muscle breakdown (for example, components of the proteins actin-myosin complex), the number of which increases with monotonous and repetitive muscular activity or short-term maximum muscle activity, due to the accumulation of proteins occurs fluid in the interstitial tissue (sarcoplasm), which leads to edema. Swelling facilitates the penetration of fibroblasts into the muscles, the connective tissue which synthesize (Briigger, 1989). Thus, there are structural contracture (miogelozy), which are often easily felt, representing a seal in the form of beads or knots that cause pain when pressed and appear most often in the muscles of the shoulder girdle, neck and back (Koch-Remmele, Kreutzer, 2006) . Miogelozy limit the mobility of the entire muscle, as is an increase in muscle tone all-agonists.

Tip: To eliminate miogelozov used techniques that increase the activity of the lymphatic system (lymph drainage, hot compresses, massages, active movements, etc...). In addition, to encourage the processes of destruction of connective tissue in the muscles, as well as increased synthesis of functional structures can be achieved by different types of traffic (eg, stretching of muscles).

Animal experiments have shown that the curve in the immobilization stress alone by stretching shortened and shifted left (Tabary et al, 1972;. Goldspinket al, 1974;. Williams, Goldspink, 1978). This means that the tensile stress is developed faster and more pronounced. The reason may be a decrease in the number of sarcomeres immobilization as described above and structural changes in the muscle connective membranes. Then develop a passive increase in muscle tone due to weakening of the reverse flow of calcium ions into the sarcoplasmic reticulum process. Increased intracellular concentration of calcium ions prevents detachment of the myosin heads and the destruction of cross-bridges between actin and myosin. Increase passive muscle tone has no specific signs on EMG. Such mechanisms observed in fatigued muscles after intense muscular activity (Lindel, 2006).

Note: Currently, researchers are critical of the possibility of the formation of contractures tonic postural muscles, mainly consisting of type I fibers, with excess load (Janda, 1997). The degree of shortening of the muscle does not depend primarily on the composition of muscle fibers (Albrecht, Meyer, 2005; Wiemann et al, 1998.). The much greater tendency to form contractures depends on the manner in which this muscle is involved. Thus, the trend towards shortening the muscles are in a contracted state, the muscles with monotonous activity, the muscles after a single excessive load or constant load increased, the muscles in a state of immobilization, as well as the muscles, decreasing with increased tone to perform the protective function.