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The Positive Effects Of Using Anabolic Steroids

Increased strength. The contractile elements of the muscle cells (known as myofibrils) increase in number under the influence of hard training and proper diet. Anabolic steroids, thanks to its primary function - to stimulate protein synthesis, help to increase the number of myofibrils, as their constituent elements are the protein (proteins - actin and myosin). Some increase in strength can be achieved by "tissue arm", which is the result of increased cell fluid (sarcoplasm), and general edema (water retention in the body). This increase in strength is temporary, especially if you need to drive the weight to act in the competition in its category.

The increase in muscle mass. Growth in the number of myofibrils and sarcoplasmic increased content (as discussed above) are the main factors responsible for the increase in muscle size read here. However, the maximum muscle growth is only guaranteed provided that the steroid is accompanied by intensive training and proper diet.

Easing the pain of arthritis / tendonitis. With this purpose, in particular, taking steroids in clinical conditions. Athletes also argue that the pain of tendonitis subsides when using steroids.

Reducing the percentage of body fat. Although diet and exercise are the main factors reduce fat volume, a decrease in the fat content significantly intensified if these factors are supported by taking steroids site. Assume that acceleration of disposal of fat is associated with increased respiratory rates.

Increased respiratory factor (cell oxygen consumption) and endurance. There is evidence that the mitochondria (organelles in the muscle cell that is responsible for a variety of oxidative function among others) multiplied by quantitative effects of steroids. This phenomenon has a digital distribution: increasing the cells ability to absorb oxygen during heavy physical exertion, it thus improves the endurance index. Perhaps, however, that the more appropriate explanation is that increased levels of cortisol, which provides greater endurance in blood. Cortisol - a stress hormone produced in the adrenal glands.

Increasing the number of blood vessels (bodybuilders). It is not clear what is causing this, but this phenomenon occurs. It is believed that the main factor is the increase in blood pressure that often accompanies the use of steroids. Increasing the number of blood vessels - something that bodybuilders tend to "caliber".

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