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Features Legs Training

Only the owner of the most impressive upper body on the professional stage may pay particular attention to maintaining the correct balance of the leg muscles. Through trial and error, Ronnie realized that the heavy year-round training of the legs is not productive. Alternating hard training with light and medium, Ronnie, not only reduces the likelihood of the risk of injury, but also supports the leg muscles in a constant tone. In the difficult days he performs sets of 6-8 repetitions, in the days of light training website, he performs a drop-sets of 30 repetitions.

"Mr. Olympia" starts its program of training legs with squats. It starts with 10 repetitions with a weight of about 61, and then added to 20 kg each subsequent approach. As a result, 10 repetitions with a weight of 100 kg, 10 repetitions with a weight of 145 kg, 10 repetitions with a weight of 185 kg, 10 repetitions with a weight of 225 kg, and 8 repetitions with a weight of 265 kg. For those who are not impressed: try to sit down with the weight of 270 kg, eight times after five completed sets. And this is without crouch - Ronnie performs very deep squats below parallel, almost to touch the gluteal muscles with the floor.

A second exercise, leg presses in the simulator. Thus Ronnie works with up to 510 kg for 15 repetitions. This weight is not by chance, because the simulator he uses, can accommodate only 12 load pancakes. But there are days when Ronnie wants to test its strength. Then he lay down on the simulator a couple of pancakes or requests to sit on top of the trainer of his training partner source. It makes 10 repeats with a weight of 600 kg.

The third exercise is Ronnie hack squats. At the start of Coleman makes a warm-up set of 10 reps with a weight of 145 kg, followed by a working set of 10 reps with weight 350 kg. As is the case with squats and kicks zhimami simulator, Ronnie performs hack squats with full amplitude, performing the entire range of motion. For a change like Ronnie change the position of his feet-ups to pump different part of the thigh.

Above is just one of the training programs, which Ronnie uses leg workout. Sometimes Coleman with his training partner do a triple drop set of presses down. After that they do hack squats and leg extension on the simulator. For those who are not good at mathematics: it turns out that in one exercise performed 27 approaches. Ronnie says: "It's not always easy to go through."

To bleed the hamstrings, Ronnie uses the legs bending simulator lying, doing 4 sets of 15 repetitions. Unlike most other exercises, Ronnie uses the same weight in all four approaches.

To top it all, Ronnie goes to the "dead drafts." Some days he does "deadlifts" as the third exercise, and sometimes includes them in superset with leg curls while lying on the simulator.

Closer to compete Ronnie performs a triple drop set of these exercises. It also adds its own attacks on the technique of execution. Instead of doing the exercise stationary lunges forward Ronnie runs a distance of about 45 meters in the parking lot in front of his training hall weblink, and then - reverse lunges -Returns to its original position. And remember that all this - after he loaded his calves and thighs a few minutes ago. But the result is worth it, it is no wonder Ronnie is famous for its monstrous amounts of feet!

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