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Mode Athletes

The success of the training is achieved not only in the gym. To a large extent it depends on the way of your life, from the hundreds of little things that make up everyday life. The more experienced athletes, the better they understand this truth. Sometimes, on the way to success for beginners substitute leg such seemingly small things that are difficult to even notice. But this should be done. Then you do not have to stumble at every step, and it will be possible to take all of the benefits of athleticism, which he can give.

B. The athlete noted that the exercise had no effect on the better. After class, he could not sleep, sleep poorly, up the next morning with a heavy head. B. We matured the decision to quit the sport, but first he decided to see a doctor. He carefully examined the boy and found his health in order. Train was built correctly. Whence undertook discomfort?

The answer was very simple. B. ended up training too late for half an hour before bedtime. Therefore, the excitement of the activities take place not kept pace and B. 1.5-2 hours lying in bed with his eyes open and he could not sleep. Due to involuntary vigil to sleep, he did not have time, because you have to get up early in the morning was. And so every day. Not surprisingly, I felt B. unenviable.

The doctor advised B. observe mode. The athlete began to finish training two hours earlier. Bedtime was walking on air. And all his illnesses vanished.

These little things (not just dinner, went to bed late), if they do not pay attention, may lead the athlete is far away from his problems. Therefore, each athlete must rationally. build their lives, right to alternate work and rest. In other words, to observe mode.

First of all, never take yourself as a model for others to follow someone else's schedule. No one can develop for you the best treatment than you do. Consider it the conditions of study or work, especially of life, their habits and hobbies.

The day starts with morning exercises. Its duration 10-12 minutes. Exercising is best in the open air. Do not turn charge in athletic training. Everything has its time.

After charging, wash or take a shower. Brush your teeth. Dry the skin with a rough towel.

Eat breakfast tightly. Tea and a sandwich, which many are limited in the morning, not enough. Breakfast should be such that in the next 4-5 hours, you have not visited the persistent thought of food.

Food to take in one and the same time. Deviation from this rule strikes the performance.

Provide daily routine in time for rest and entertainment:.. Walks, excursions, meetings with friends, cinema, theater, skating rink, etc. Many people do not work well because do not know how good rest.

About the destructive effects of alcohol on the body says enough. We can only add that the biggest concerns of athletes: alcohol stimulates the breakdown of protein. And what constitutes your muscles, not from the protein bodies? Hygienist Rubner, analyzing data about people who died at a young age, he wrote: "... in the beer and wine each year drown many more people than in the water."

Only tobacco can be compared by their harmfulness of alcohol. English physiologist Kennedy estimated that among the 2000 runners - participants of traditional crosses, which he watched for 10 years, finished in the top ten 94 percent of non-smokers and only 6 percent of smokers.

According Sarkizova-Serazini among twice as many swimmers outsiders smokers.

Among those who smoked more than 20 cigarettes or cigarettes per day, the mortality rate is 15 times higher than among non-smokers. These are the facts.

Sleep trained athletes must continue for at least 8 hours. Without this not ensure the elimination of fatigue, recuperation and complete preparations for the new working day. Healthy sleep comes quickly and runs quietly.